My name is Kamal. I’m 37 years old, married, with 2 young boys (2 and 5), and run my own business. Upon meeting Michael Cesa at one of his seminars, I wondered what a young guy had to offer me. After listening to his seminar I fell in love with the content. I contacted Michael to claim my free 1 on 1 hour, we set up a meeting and suddenly after the meeting I signed up to his 12 Week Transformation Program.

Prior to the program my business was not in a good place. I had relationship problems, low self esteem and many fears, one of which was public speaking.

At only the 8 week mark I had secured two of the biggest contracts of my life for my business; I had a 40K week followed by 80K, and secured an investor to begin the franchising of my business next year - something I never would have considered. My clients began commenting on changes in me and old friends started calling me an “inspiration”. My relationship with my wife was restored; my wife says, "keep talking to Michael, I love the new Kamal". I have even lost 10+ kgs. The way I feel everyday - the happiness, the confidence, the excitement - is what I have searched for; for 37 years and it has all been realised in a few weeks. Michael was a gift sent from god for me. Thank you Michael, thank you thank you thank you, I feel bulletproof and love my life, I didn’t know people like you existed.

Michael, thank you for everything you have done for me, words cannot even describe this new life I am in. I feel like I am a different person completely. Please, if you are on the fence about Michael’s services, just give me a call.



I am yet to meet anyone who can do what Michael does. There is something uncanny about his ability to know not only exactly what you need but also teach you it in a manner that makes it stick. Time after time he has dived in last minute to give me the breakthrough I needed for the endless challenges that can arise as a business owner. I highly recommend Michael to the high performers who are relentless in looking for the next edge as his knowledge on how to optimise your subconscious is something you may never come across again in your lifetime, a truly unique individual.



Michael's energy, charisma and genuine care for his clients is what makes him exceptional in what he does. Michael demonstrates strong interest and care for all those around him and his expertise in the field of personal development is amazing.



Michael is the real deal. Learnt a lot from this legend, and will continue to pick his brain for advice in the years to come!



I'll be the first to tell you I am skeptical anyone can help me. For almost a year I was procrastinating, lacking direction, dissatisfied with my income, taking no action and unhappy. Michael's program turned all of this around, forever.

Following Michael’s program my confidence and happiness has skyrocketed. I am still in shock how quickly he created change in me, from week 1 I was making life changing decisions. Since then I have doubled my sales and weekly income in my role, finally created an amazing relationship with my family (we had communication issues earlier), become a better partner, and am no longer held back by the opinions of others.

My view of the world has completely changed for the better. I understand why some people say the things they say and act the way they act. Before the program, I'd be ignorant/arrogant and get all defensive or worse, think differently of others if they stood for a different cause or idea. Now I see there's a reason to everything they say and many factors that force them to think that way. There was nothing wrong with them in the first place. That's why I believe everyone needs personal development/coaching to further improve their lifestyle (mentally/physically).

Thank you Michael, you really did live up to all you promised.



All I can say is WOW. Michael has this weird gift of knowing exactly what you need, at exactly the right time.

When I joined the program my finances were out of control, I had gained weight, was full of self-doubt and to be honest had almost given up on the idea that I could turn it all around, I thought maybe I’m just not that guy.

Every single week since that day I joined, my mind has been blown at the change happening in my life, I have never felt so empowered and am taking on challenges in alignment with that.

Seriously, do whatever it takes to become a part of this amazing community, really. You will find a way to get the money - I did, and made it back before I could look back.

 hUGH |BUSINESS OWNER  Michael is an amazing guy.  He brings a completely new and highly effective approach to personal development and how he can help you grow as a person I would recommend anyone I know in this field to him.                  


Michael is an amazing guy.

He brings a completely new and highly effective approach to personal development and how he can help you grow as a person I would recommend anyone I know in this field to him.








Ven | Senior Manager

During my time with Michael at our firm it was clear he had a powerful combination of humility, genuineness and irrepressible energy to make a valued contribution to everything he did. That touched a chord with employees in the workplace that motivated them to implement the strategies he shared.



My life has changed so much ever since I met Michael. He helped me understand my purpose, and passion and my goals. I was indecisive, moving from venture to venture and generally lost. But he has helped me truly understand what I need to do to allow me to be successful. I have now begun my journey of pursing my purpose and passion in fashion and have already made money of my ideas. Not only do I have a great mentor, I also have a great friend. Thanks Michael



An incredible millennial forerunner in developing key influencers and transforming impact driven businesses with purpose driven clarity!!!



Great experience meeting Michael. He truly has a huge heart and wishes only the best from people. If you doubt that he could do that, make sure it isn't your ego (e.g. he is too young) telling you so. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who lacks the time to reflect on themselves as a result of living a busy life.




I met Michael after attending two of his seminars and was instantly hooked by the trust and care he demonstrated for myself and every attendee, as well as the unique content I hadn’t heard before. I could relate to Michael’s experience leaving a management consulting job for his passion.

At the time I was performing well at a senior level in my corporate job, however felt I was missing fulfillment and like I could offer more to the world. Michael sat down with me for free and we hashed out clarity on my direction, leaving me with an action plan in my lap. The amount of care Michael showed for my wellbeing made the program a no-brainer and I haven’t looked back since.

I am only 4 weeks in and Michael has not only helped me figure out my dream business, but I have begin executing and gaining clients. I really feel like I am in a dream right now and it is all thanks to this young man; I can’t wait to smash the rest of the program with the team! Prior to meeting Michael, I had no idea why I felt unfulfilled let alone considering a business I was passionate about or could monetise.



Not much to say apart from the results Michael will provide you in such a short period of time are extraordinary. I’ve never felt as calm and powerful as I did when I left his office after a short session. Nobody else can do what this man does. Thank you, Michael.


Beau | Business Owner

Michael is a truly inspiring young guy who is well beyond his years in understanding and implementing strategies that can develop guys into the best version of themselves. I would HIGHLY recommend Michael as a coach and mentor!




Michael is the real deal. Learnt a lot from this legend, and will continue to pick his brain for advice in the years to come!



Michael's helped me so much in my business! He has a wealth of knowledge and really helped me with my mindset when times were tough!



Michael, is an excellent coach and highly knowledgeable in personal development both physically and mentally . He pushes you to perform at your best and creates a comfortable environment to do so, Michael speaks from a place of honesty and truly cares for his clients results.



Meeting Michael has changed my life incredibly. Before I met him I was this person who was quite lost in the world, I knew that somethings I was seeing in the society were not right and everyone was doing them, and this brought upon a sense of confusion in me. When I met Michael I got clarification and understanding about why I was thinking the way I was thinking and I have been living my best life ever since. He has such a talent for understanding the psychology of an individual minutes within meeting you and learning who you are. I think anyone who had a spark fly in their mind that Michael could be onto something then I wholeheartedly recommend that people reach out to him and see for themselves his ability and talent.