Success Stories




All I can say is WOW. Michael has this weird gift of knowing exactly what you need, at exactly the right time.

When I joined the program my finances were out of control, I had gained weight, was full of self-doubt and to be honest had almost given up on the idea that I could turn it all around, I thought maybe I’m just not that guy.

Every single week since that day I joined, my mind has been blown at the change happening in my life, I have never felt so empowered and am taking on challenges in alignment with that.

Seriously, do whatever it takes to become a part of this amazing community, really. You will find a way to get the money - I did, and made it back before I could look back.



Michael is really an amazing guy, especially for his age. In our initial conversations he knew exactly what I needed and has been meeting that ever since. Few people have the heart he does, meet him once and you will know what I mean.

I'm only in the early stages of the program and it has already completely shifted my perspective and enabled me to influence, connect and perform in my workplace and people are starting to notice. Thank you Michael I can’t wait for the rest of this program.