My entire life I have sought to know self further and expand my awareness. For the majority of my life I thought it was normal to know people inside out upon first glance. My mind is used to been loaded with data on people, their body language, tonality, communicative styles are all processed in an instant and fed to my mind. Only in recent years have I become accustomed to the process taking place and now I am blessed to be in a position to serve the highest of achievers to proceed to the next level in their life and business.

My journey began reading near 1000 self-help books yet being left with a feeling of void. Much of what you will find in the public arena for personal development is of the same origin, extrinsic to your present needs.

Thus I pushed the bounds of the management consulting world I had found myself in in the interim, and explored my capacity to deliver personal solutions for what is now 100's of clients. I quickly realised I could yield huge results rapidly, transforming businesses, improving relationships, resolving chronic depression, stress and behavioural patterns in under an hour and the list goes on. By this age I was 22, and began to truly wonder how this ability to know people could be further utilised and so I pushed. 

By 23 I came to realise any industry or market could to a degree be predicted (as people trends was their basis) and this realisation substantiated further exploration of the capacity for furthering my knowledge of people in the business realm, assisting and pursuing real estate deals, partnership agreements, employee performance and the likes. It was at this stage that I began to fully understand the power I held and how it could help a vast array of people.

In my free time I enjoy writing philosophy, going deep on spirituality, working out, travelling, learning new skills, watching superhero movies and eating my nonna's pasta.

My motive behind all of this is simply to share my gift with as many people as I can in my lifetime, create mass level change and ultimately over the long term re-design many of the outdated systems and paradigms the modern world continues to be run by.