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What We Do

We've all been there, you read a book and don't implement, attend a seminar and forget it all a week later, watch a youtube clip of motivation and it fades as quick as it came. Maybe you tried to "hustle harder" or come up with "the next best idea".

That's where we come in, we believe in getting you to a point you don't need us, our groundbreaking retreats and 1-ON-1 coaching sessions put a definitive stop to what caps your potential and an endless beginning to your new found strengths.

The truth is you already have all the confidence, competitive advantage, decisiveness and happiness you could ever want NOW (it's not as illusive as the industry likes to promote) we just get you there and teach you how to make it stick, for life.


Kamal | Business Owner

My name is Kamal. I’m 37 years old, married, with 2 young boys (2 and 5), and run my own business. Upon meeting Michael Cesa at one of his seminars, I wondered what a young guy had to offer me. After listening to his seminar I fell in love with the content. I contacted Michael to claim my complimentary 1 on 1 session, we set up a meeting and suddenly after the meeting I signed up to his Awareness Mastery Program.

Prior to the program my business was not in a good place. I had relationship problems, low self esteem and many fears, one of which was public speaking.

At only the 8 week mark I had secured two of the biggest contracts of my life for my business; I had a 40K week followed by 80K, and secured an investor to begin the franchising of my business next year - something I never would have considered. My clients began commenting on changes in me and old friends started calling me an “inspiration”. My relationship with my wife was restored; my wife says, "keep talking to Michael, I love the new Kamal". I have even lost 10+ kgs. The way I feel everyday - the happiness, the confidence, the excitement - is what I have searched for; for 37 years and it has all been realised in a few weeks. Michael was a gift sent from god for me. Thank you Michael, thank you thank you thank you, I feel bulletproof and love my life, I didn’t know people like you existed.

Michael, thank you for everything you have done for me, words cannot even describe this new life I am in. I feel like I am a different person completely. Please, if you are on the fence about Michael’s services, just give me a call.


Tin | Business Operations Manager

I'll be the first to tell you I am skeptical anyone can help me. For almost a year I was procrastinating, lacking direction, dissatisfied with my income, taking no action and unhappy. Michael's program turned all of this around, forever.

Following Michael’s program my confidence and happiness has skyrocketed. I am still in shock how quickly he created change in me, from week 1 I was making life changing decisions. Since then I have doubled my sales and weekly income in my role, finally created an amazing relationship with my family (we had communication issues earlier), become a better partner, and am no longer held back by the opinions of others.

My view of the world has completely changed for the better. I understand why some people say the things they say and act the way they act. Before the program, I'd be ignorant/arrogant and get all defensive or worse, think differently of others if they stood for a different cause or idea. Now I see there's a reason to everything they say and many factors that force them to think that way. There was nothing wrong with them in the first place. That's why I believe everyone needs personal development/coaching to further improve their lifestyle (mentally/physically).

Thank you Michael, you really did live up to all you promised.



Christian |senior ADVISOR & business owner

I met Michael after attending two of his seminars and was instantly hooked by the trust and care he demonstrated for myself and every attendee, as well as the unique content I hadn’t heard before. I could relate to Michael’s experience leaving a management consulting job for his passion.

At the time I was performing well at a senior level in my corporate job, however felt I was missing fulfillment and like I could offer more to the world. Michael sat down with me for free and we hashed out clarity on my direction, leaving me with an action plan in my lap. The amount of care Michael showed for my wellbeing made the program a no-brainer and I haven’t looked back since.

I am only 4 weeks in and Michael has not only helped me figure out my dream business, but I have begin executing and gaining clients. I really feel like I am in a dream right now and it is all thanks to this young man; I can’t wait to smash the rest of the program with the team! Prior to meeting Michael, I had no idea why I felt unfulfilled let alone considering a business I was passionate about or could monetise.